Along the Luangwa river – US 45

Along the Luangwa river – US 45

In this episode of Ultimate Shot, you will see a bird shooting, fishing, and chasing antelope in the territories by the Luangwa River in Zambia. You will feel the captivating atmosphere of the wild nature in Africa – from the thievish monkeys to the giant elephants. We will feed some crocodiles in hopes of finding a more significant predator. We will sneak up to hogs and bushbuck in inconceivable terrains for a stalk. And we will hear about a large puku trophy. Will Archie find the world record for a puku antelope, and will a more oversized crocodile come out of the depths of the muddy river? You will find out only if you come with us to the next adventure of the bowhunter.

Enjoy your time!


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