Ultimate Shot will take you on hunting adventures across six continents in search of world class trophies. We will show you the role of hunting organizations in a conservation and preservation of wild life.

On our journeys you will see a multitude of animals that inhabit the highlands and lowlands and everything in between.

We will show you the history and traditions of the local people and you will see their homelands.


I believe it is about opening up the world's eyes to inform them about conservation and preservation of the World’s hunted wildlife, and the forever sustained use and protection of that wildlife.

It is about creating a value in that wildlife renewable resource for the local peoples, so that they protect and preserve that wildlife resource and helping fellow bow hunters and conservationists experience the wildlife resources of the world, with the local / traditional hunters of that wildlife.

By doing that, we sustain that value and create the future value for the local people so that for generations – hopefully forever – these animals and their habitat will be protected and preserved… that is what I have been doing since 1980.

Archie Nesbitt