Into the Swamps – US 9

Into the Swamps – US 9

In this episode of the Ultimate Shot our attention is back to the BIG 7 and Dangerous Game of Africa. Be with us in Ethiopia, on a face to face dangerous hunt of a huge male hippo . We will show you why these animals are considered to be among the most dangerous for the people living on the African continent. In fact, records indicate that more locals are killed by hippos than by any other animal, or reptile, in Africa. We will also attempt to be one of the first to take a trophy Nile Buffalo, and we will invade the swamps – the home of monster crocks and hippos – and chase a big Water buck around, through and in the muddy water channels. Stay with us and experience again the magic of the African continent and our exciting, adventurous and dangerous quest for the Ultimate Shot.

Enjoy your time!


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