"He's been called "Canada's Premier Bowhunter," and in many ways Archie Nesbitt is the most-accomplished bowhunter who ever lived." Jason Butler
Archie Nesbitt was raised in the backwoods of Northern Canada, where hunting and fishing are a way of life. Archie quickly developed a passion for subsistence hunting and the sport of archery when his grandfather gave him his first bow at the age of fifteen. Starting his pursuit for the ultimate trophy with local white-tailed deer, Archie quickly proved to be a natural with the bow. Inspired by his grandfather and his early success, Archie delved deeper into the sport of bowhunting, practicing archery fundamentals while honing his skills as an outdoorsman, tracking and shooting at every opportunity he had.
I realized early on that there was a lot more to the sport than simply hunting, and I developed a profound respect not only for the tradition of the archer but for wildlife conservation efforts that protected one of the world’s most precious resources – its animals

Archie Nesbitt


Archie’s father, John C. Nesbitt, was a pioneer of the north, working in the mineral exploration business as a miner and later as a pilot, which instilled an adventurous spirit in the young Nesbitt. Growing up in the mineral exploration industry provided Archie with the opportunity to hunt in the world’s most remote regions. Many of these places had never before been hunted and have never again been hunted by humans.

“Although animals were our source of food, they were not afraid of humans. I decided to pursue archery as it added the challenge that I felt was missing from gun-based hunting. Besides that, you get a real sense of connection with the environment and the animals when you hunt with a bow. There’s a very real element of danger and suspense when you’re out in the bush tracking game. You just don’t get that with gun based hunting.”

After finishing school, Archie decided to move to Alberta, where the magnificent Rocky Mountains became his backyard and remain one of his most beloved stomping grounds to this day. Home to a wide variety of trophy species, Archie was able to capture the bounty offered by this rugged landscape, adding Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Grizzly Bears, and Cougars to his list of species. These Rocky Mountain excursions would provide Archie with valuable experience pursuing games in adverse weather conditions across rugged terrain

“Joining the Pope & Young Club gave me an association with the likes of Fred Bear and with thousands of other archery hunters committed to the same ethical and wildlife conservation objectives. Unfortunately, the general public has no idea about how much money hunting organizations provide towards wildlife and habitat protection. Things are starting to change slowly, but battling public perception has always been a challenge, and associations like Pope & Young offer first-class commitment to conservation which is why I support them to this day.”

The Pope & Young Club recognized Archie as only the sixth man to complete the North American Super Slam, harvesting all of North America’s big game species. With twenty-eight game species in total, the Super Slam represents a challenging achievement, particularly for a bow-hunter. Archie continued his pursuit of North American animals, and with his first and only Atlantic Walrus, with bow and other species like Perry Caribou, Archie’s list swelled to over 30. Adding to his list of achievements, Archie became the first bowhunter ever to complete the GRAND SLAM CLUB OVIS. Then the Triple Slam, consisting of four North American sheep species and an additional twenty-four species of sheep & goats from around the world.

“I really enjoy hunting in foreign countries and often find myself surrounded by extremely talented people who share a similar vision and commitment to wildlife conservation efforts. I’ve found that introducing the sport of bowhunting to a new region of the world is almost always an exceptional challenge. It’s a challenge, but it’s also very exciting to bring our sport to new stages. It has taken a lot of patience and commitment to further the sport, but it’s been worthwhile because bowhunting is hunting in the truest sense of the word. You feel connected with the wild, and I’m honored to carry forward the ancient tradition of the archer.”

Soon after his move to Alberta, Archie was captivated by a friend’s pictures of the Big Five (African Elephant, White Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Lion, and Leopard). It prompted him to join the Safari Club International. With approximately 200 member chapters worldwide, Safari Club International (SCI) is a formidable organization that promotes hunting advocacy while providing generous contributions to wildlife conservation efforts worldwide. Archie’s involvement in SCI now spans some thirty years and has given him an international appeal in the bowhunting world, as he’s hunted and made great friends on six of the world’s continents. Like his father, Archie is a pioneer and an innovator of a sport that is increasingly gaining international recognition. In many cases, Archie Nesbitt was the first-ever bow hunter to open the doors to a country to pursue wild game.

Archie achieved the monumental African Big Seven in 2004 – a lifelong dream and high point in an already accomplished career. Despite his achievements, Archie remains humble and always has his heart set on the next hunt.

“Africa is a place of majestic beauty not only in its landscape and wildlife but in its various cultural traditions. I’ve hunted in eleven different African countries, and they’re always in the back of my mind – everyone should experience Africa at least once. Go once, and you will go back !”

2011 marked the debut of the Ultimate Shot: a reality hunting show based on Archie Nesbitt’s hunting expeditions. Airing first in North America and shortly after that in another 59 countries worldwide, this show represented another major milestone for Nesbitt, who produced the episodes with the dedicated Safari Season and Mitrel Ltd. team from Bulgaria. Each episode features a series of hunts from different regions of the world from the plains of Mozambique to the high mountains of Canada, right back to the beautiful landscape of South Africa. The Ultimate Shot manages to convey a remarkable appreciation for the environment and the traditions of local people. This feat is as breathtaking as the landscapes gave within each episode.

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