Aboriginal lands – US 49

In this episode of Ultimate Shot, before we set off after the buffalo herds in search of the new world record in Australia, we will raise the curtain over the facts about the construction of one of the most iconic buildings in the world – the Opera House in Sydney. Right after that we will embark on an exciting tour into the wild outback, amid the hunting territories of the aboriginal tribes, to look for a trophy buffalo with the help of Greg Pennicott. Immerse yourself in the wild atmosphere of the Australian bush, and don’t miss the opportunity to chase the buffalo, wounded by Archie, into the thick eucalyptus and palm jungles. You’ll see how the local aboriginal tribes ruin their lands to prevent the white hunters from hunting. Will the buffalo and the aborigines have more luck than the obstinate hunter – you will find out in the next episode of Ultimate Shot.

Enjoy your time!


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