Exotic safari on Mauritius island – part 2 – SS 10

Exotic safari on Mauritius island – part 2 – SS 10

The next episode of Safari Season is coming at you and it’s going to be the best one yet! Get ready for crazy animals, awesome hunting and fishing, and a whole lot more.
On the island of Mauritius together with Archie, we will explore its unique opportunities for recreation, hunting and fishing. You will learn about the natural history of the wild inhabitants and what you can do in the waters around. We will accompany the hunter with a bow in stalking an exceptional trophy animal of the exotic species of deer Rusa, and we’ll also hear how the professional hunter Lionel Berthault speaks to animals in their language. Get ready to hunt the new world record Rusa deer with your bow and arrow. The hunter will stalk the animal according to all the rules of the art of hunting, and you’ll be there to see it happen!

Enjoy your time!


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