Meet Charlie the buffalo – US 43

Meet Charlie the buffalo – US 43

In this episode of Ultimate Shot, we will show you Charlie the Buffalo – the former world record for a trophy of a water buffalo. Right after this, we will embark on the chase for buffalo in the aboriginal lands in the distant outback of the Australian continent. Don’t miss the numerous opportunities the bow hunter Archie Nesbitt will have to hunt for the big animals. You will witness an exceptionally skillful stalk of a wild boar in the bush. You will also see the most poisonous frog on land. You will learn that human civilization is not the most numerous organized community on planet Earth. Did another community conquer the Earth long before the humans? Will Archie find a buffalo with a worthy trophy for a new world record in the barren lands of the aborigines? You will find all the answers in the following dynamic episode of Ultimate Shot.

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