Fishing and hunting in Canada – SS 65

Fishing and hunting in Canada – SS 65

The small town of Manning may be home to nearly 2000 people, but it’s not the population that stands out in this episode, but the bears! We’re going to go bear-watching, but not only! Prepare for an adventure as we visit the small town of Manning in Canada to see how the locals deal with overpopulation during the harvest. We are invited over by the Soroka family to see how they cope with bow and arrow the hairy problem. We will see many shots from a close distance at the bears that hide in the high wheat. In this episode, we take a trip down to Peace River, where the large rapids are full of schools of walleye and pike. We’re going to try our luck in fishing with a fishing rod! Finally, we witness. It’s happening again: elks are being taken down with bow and arrows. Don’t miss the chance to submerge once again in the beautiful and exciting nature of wild Canada.

Enjoy your time!


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