Near the Sangha River in southwestern C.A.R., Alain Lefol Safaris conducts hunts for western bongo, western sitatunga and the duikers of the rain forest. Our hunting area consists of 1.4 million acres (560,000 hectares), with no village, and is situated in the Eastern part of the country. The biotope consists of forest galleria where you can find a variety of pure Congolese forest, savanna woodlands, big openings and some swamps. This region is pretty hilly, you can go in elevation from 500 meters (1,640 feet) to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet). The 3 main rivers are Chinko, Vovodo and Bita which run all year long. They are full of fish including the Goliath Tigerfish, Nile Perch and many other species. LEFOL SAFARIS started operating in the Vovodo area in 2009 which was never hunted before. It is an incredible hunting area and a great adventure which still offers some places where no sport hunter has ever been. Alain Lefol Safaris which is now called LEFOL SAFARIS since his son Kewin Lefol joined Alain full time as a Professional Hunter In Central African Republic to be part of the team. Kewin has been guiding hunts in C.A.R. since 2014 and Alain who is licensed in C.A.R., Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Chad started his professional hunting career in Kenya in 1976 followed by C.A.R. in 1979.

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