Hunting adventures in Zambia – US 31

Hunting adventures in Zambia – US 31

In this episode of Ultimate Shot, Archie will take us into the African bush at the border between the life-giving Luangwa River and the dry wilderness of Zambia. There, by the banks of the big river, you will witness the powerful attraction of the water. You will see numerous antelope and their deadliest fans at those places – the crocodiles.
You won’t believe this! At the boundary with the most beautiful reserve in Africa, which is home and breeding place to 14 different antelope species, big herds of buffalo, giraffes, lions, leopards, large groups of hippos, and many elephants. This is a paradise for the wild animals in Africa, and we will look for an enormous crocodile along the Luangwa River, which is responsible for the disappearance of tens of fishers in an area of several square kilometers during the last few years. You will also witness the chase of a giant hippo. Join us in Archie’s new adventure.

Enjoy your time!


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